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YouCOMM LLC is a healthcare IT startup that has created a fully customizable caregiver communication device for use in inpatient care. The goal of YouCOMM LLC is to enhance the way patients and caregivers communicate, as well as address many well documented and largely unmet issues with current healthcare communication systems. The YouCOMM Room M8 - a personalized tablet-based nurse call system - focuses on streamlining the communication of a patient’s specific needs directly to the nurse. The system can be controlled via touch, voice recognition, and head gestures, making it accessible for motor-impaired patients. This will benefit the facility that chooses to employ Room M8 in a variety of ways. A pilot trial demonstrated that the system allows for nurses to provide more efficient care due to its need-based prioritization approach to communication. Long term use of the system is expected to improve the reimbursement rates of a facility due, in part, to the resulting increase in patient satisfaction scores.

YouCOMM LLC is enhancing the patient-nurse relationship at its core by significantly improving the patient care experience. Ultimately, YouCOMM provides a platform that brings values to all users within a healthcare facility, as it benefits the patients, caregivers, and administrative personnel alike.