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Potentiometric Probes, LLC

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Potentiometric Probes LLC

Dyes that are both fast and sensitive for high-throughput screening of potential therapeutic targets.  The dyes use a novel VSD system where energy transfer is more efficient, resulting in faster, more sensitive, and less toxic dyes.

Potentiometric Probes develops and supplies voltage-sensitive dyes for academic and pharmaceutical industry researchers. These fluorescent dyes are used to stain cells, tissues, and whole organs and allow electrical activity of the brain and heart to be studied optically using microscopes. Voltage-sensitive dyes are used in basic research, as well as for drug discovery and cardiac safety screening of developmental drugs. Potentiometric Probes is developing new voltage-sensitive dye technology that promises to have rapid response as well as high sensitivity for the highest resolution and most informative optical voltage recordings possible.



Leslie Loew, PhD., Founding Member, UConn Professor

Corey Acker, PhD., Founding Member. UConn Assistant Professor

Ping Yan, PhD., Founding Member, UConn Assistant Professor