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InnovationCooperative 3D

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IC3D has a platform for Measured Liquid Dispensing (metered dosing in an airless fluid dispenser for flexible packaging) that can be sold in most categories of liquid dispensing ($100B market).

InnovationCooperative3D (IC3D) was formed to leverage our collective strategic, creative and technical know-how and global relationships in package design, development, and flexible film manufacturing.

IC3D’s - 1TOUCH Measured Dispenser is the future of dispensing. 1TOUCH can dispense wide range of liquids and gels. It has superior performance, marketplace disruption and is brand-owner desired.

IC3D has 1 Utility patent issued and 2 patent pending and plans to continue investing in IP to expand the 1TOUCH measured technology’s reach. 


Jim Warner, Co-Founder and CEO