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Develop Patient-specific Brain Tumor Model for Personalized Drug Testing

Min's past research has developed in vitro tissue models, including a brain tissue model that mimics the basic structural and neurophysiological features of the brain during hemostasis and mechanic injury.  Her future research will extend the success of 3D brain tissue-like models to patient -derived cells to generate personalized human brain tissue models.  One ongoing study is developing patient-derived 3D brain tumor models for long-term drug screening and provide human disease-relevant tissue models for research and medical applications.


Min Tang-Schimer, Ph.D.

Bio Photonics Laboratory

Dr. Valdez’s research is primarily based on vibronic spectroscopic and imaging techniques, including Raman scattering-based imaging that permit molecular analysis perturbation as the acquired spectral are the expression of cellular biochemistry structure.  The fundamental fingerprinting nature officers an extremely promising tool to investigate sample changes via spectral biomarkers that vary in response to environmental stress drug intervention or genetic modification.


Tulio Valdez, MD

Connecticut Human Milk Research Laboratory

Mothers of preterm infants may have difficulty producing an adequate supply of milk. The current is to provide human milk through HMBANA donor milk banks.  Drs. Browned and Moore’s research has demonstrated that the biochemical composition pasteurized HNBANA donor milk varies widely.  There is a need for a personalized approach to fortification.  Thus, the overarching goal of this laboratory is to develop optimized products specifically for use in donor milk.


Elizabeth Browned, Ph.D. 

James Moore, MD, Ph.D.