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See Solution Spray -precursor plasma spray coating technology for gas turbines and other applications

HiFunda is currently working with UConn to develop and commercialize a novel solution precursor plasma spray (SPPS) coating technology for gas turbines and other applications. 

Thermal energy is the most dominant source of energy used around the world for electricity generation, with greater installed capacity than any other source of energy globally. When turbines are able to operate successfully at higher temperatures, they are more energy and cost efficient. Through an ongoing US Department of Energy funded project, HiFunda and UConn are developing a new thermal barrier coating (TBC) that can operate at surface temperatures of 1300 degrees C or higher. This new technology can be a game-changer in the gas turbine industry and can help to achieve higher turbine efficiencies and therefore lower fuel consumption.

Its long term vision is to be a technology leader in the field of ceramic coating technology, and to offer commercial coating services as part of the manufacturing processes for a variety of value added industrial products.


Balakrishnan Nair, CEO