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3D-Array Technology (3DAT) logo

3D-Array Technology (3DAT)

High efficient and low cost heterogeneous catalysts

3D-Array Technology (3DAT) is developing, producing and licensing high-efficiency, low-cost heterogeneous catalysts and providing cutting-edge contract catalysis research services.

3DAT is currently focusing on developing Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) for the multi-billion dollar global diesel engine market. The company’s first engine performance test is targeted for mid-2016.


Dr. Yanbing Guo, Co-founder/CEO 

Dr. Pu-Xian Gao, Co-founder/CTO 

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Arax Engineering logo

Arax Engineering

Arax Engineering is committed to improving the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of buildings and bridges by improving the resiliency of columns. Our novel construction material enables accelerated construction and provides improved performance of columns against hazards including earthquakes, blasts, and fires.  We also provide structural engineering design services and have professional licensure in California and Connecticut.

Contact:  Lexi Hain

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Avitus Orthopaedics logo

Avitus Orthopaedics

Minimally invasive medical devices for orthopaedic surgery

Avitus™ Orthopaedics, Inc. was established in 2011 with the mission of developing new orthopaedic technologies that improve clinical outcomes while decreasing healthcare costs. The company is developing a novel surgical device that will enable surgeons to use autologous bone graft material to improve the lives of patients. Avitus is currently looking to close their Series A round.


Maxim Budyansky, CTO

Neil Shah, CEO

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Azitra logo


Microbiome based therapeutics- reengineering strain of bacteria

Azitra is a preclinical company focused on microbiome-based therapeutics based on a unique technology developed at Yale. Azitra is developing a platform that consists of a safe, re- engineered strain of bacteria that is able to establish residence on human skin and secrete a therapeutic protein. Azitra addresses the high unmet need of a solution for eczema (or atopic dermatitis, AD), which affects approximately 10% children under the age of 13 and 1-2% of adults (11 million) in the US.  The market for AD products is $1-2 billion dollars.

Azitra has raised $3.9 million in dilutive and non-dilutive funding so far.


Azim Munivar, Co-founder, CEO

Travis Whitfill MPH, Co-founder, CSO

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Bactana Corp. logo

Bactana Corp.

Bactana is identifying and commercializing beneficial microbes that enhancing the gut microbiome to improve animal health & farming efficiency while reducing global antibiotic usage.

Recent advances in molecular and DNA sequencing methods used to study microbial ecology have allowed us to effectively examine the interaction of an animal’s microbiome with its immune system & metabolism (immunometabolism) at an accelerated pace.  Bactana’s initial product line is based a collection of natural bacteria strains, and is supported by patents and multiple calf trials that demonstrate improved feed efficiency, animal growth, scours reduction, increased milk production, and reduced mortality. We are also developing similar products for use in swine, poultry, and companion animals.

John Kallassy, CEO


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Bioarray Genetics logo

Bioarray Genetics

Breast cancer molecular test

Bioarray Genetics next generation predictive tests leverage the potential of the genomic revolution to deliver clinically actionable information that optimizes treatment planning at the beginning of the cancer patient’s journey. By moving away from the “one size fits all” approach to cancer treatment, both patients and doctors can have increased confidence in treatment decisions.


Marcia Fournier, Founder & CEO



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Biorasis logo


Wireless, needle-implantable biosensor for metabolism

OSCI/Biorasis was formed by Professors Faquir Jain and Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos to commercialize a minimally- invasive glucose and bio-analyte biosensor for use in drug development and eventually in human on-demand metabolic disease management. Biorasis Inc. is currently targeting the drug development and immune suppression/control markets and has a long-term goal of targeting the clinical market.


Ilze Krisst, COO

Faquir Jain, Co-Founder

Fotios Papadimitrakopulos, Co- Founder

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CaroGen Corporation logo

CaroGen Corporation

Virus like vesicles technology that can be exploited to generate safe and potent vaccines

CaroGen Corporation has developed transformative virus-like vesicles (VLVs) technology that can be exploited to generate safe but potent vaccines to treat various diseases. The technology was developed by Yale Professor John Rose and has been validated in proof-of-concept studies. CaroGen is currently raising between $7 to $10 million to prepare for and complete a Phase I human clinical trial of its hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) using this technology as well as proof-of-concept in animal models for additional disease targets.


Bijan Almassian, Co-Founder/CEO

Valerian Nakaar, Co-Founder/VP

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Charles River  logo

Charles River

Charles River’s Vaccine Support Services group has joined TIP to continue R&D and manufacturing of their Specific Pathogen Free Avian Supplies (SPAFAS) diagnostics and laboratory products.

Contact us form

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Connecticut Children's Medical Center Innovation Center logo

Connecticut Children's Medical Center Innovation Center

CCMC labs includes projects for commercialization.  
Learn more at:

Medical Device for Esophageal Defects

The technology we are presenting is an all-in-one medical device to treat esophageal defects, diseases or injuries. This device encompasses 3 different medical devices or procedures that are routinely performed in the clinical setting now, but are usually performed individually requiring the patient to undergo multiple procedures. When an esophageal stent or dilator needs to be replaced with a larger or smaller diameter additional procedures are required and this device would prevent that. Most importantly, this device also allows for localized delivery of drugs to a specific region of the esophagus, which is not an option with current medical devices.


Todd J. Jensen, MHS  | Research Associate II

Department of Pediatrics | UConn Health 

CT Children’s Medical Center Research 


Bio-Photonics Laboratory 

The technology and research efforts of Bio-Photonics Laboratory of Connecticut Children’s Innovation Center focusses on development and deployment of novel biophotonic technologies that interface and bridge spectroscopy, clinical diagnostics and label-free imaging. Specifically, they seek to employ Raman spectroscopic and imaging techniques to obtain biochemical signatures that can reveal latent information on pathological conditions. Their long-term goal is to develop and eventually deploy molecular imaging strategies to help clinicians in early disease diagnosis and biomarker identification. A principal thrust in their current research is focused in the area of pediatric hematology-oncology where they intend to develop non-invasive and label-free tool to provide biochemical insight thereby improving diagnostic and prognostic decisions.

Dr. Rishikesh Pandey

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Cornovus Pharmaceuticals logo

Cornovus Pharmaceuticals

A new target and class of agents to treat cardiac failure

Cornovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. commenced operations in October of 2011.  The company is focused on the development of a novel cardioprotective compound, MRS2339, for the treatment of heart failure.  MRS2339 is a small molecule that stimulates cardiac myocyte P2X4 receptors, which in turn increases myocyte eNOS and cGMP.  The compound has been shown effective in multiple preclinical models of heart failure and currently is progressing through IND enabling studies.


Bruce T.  Liang, M.D., Founder
Glenn R. Mattes, CEO
James Heym, Ph.D, CSO
Mark Van Allen, VP Finance    

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CytoVeris logo


CytoVeris has been founded with the vision to fill an unmet need for innovative new tools that enable surgical oncologists to ‘ID’ and remove all tumor tissue in real-time during cancer resection surgical procedures. These tools will significantly improve surgical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by minimizing the need for repeat surgeries, as in 20 to 30% of cases, post-operative pathology confirms that the tumor was not removed with clean margins. 

CytoVeris’ solution, the Tumor Margin Assessment Probe (TumorMAP) is based on multimodality optical analysis of tissue, and will allow surgeons the ability to  attain real-time assessment of tumor-to-normal tissue boundaries, thereby improving the surgeon’s ability to ensure clean margins are attained.

Contact: Alan Kersey, 


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Frequency Therapeutics logo

Frequency Therapeutics

Discoveries in stem cell biology- hearing loss

Frequency Therapeutics is a platform technology that is based on discoveries in stem cell biology made at MIT. Their initial focus is on chronic hearing loss, a potential $20B+ US market with no effective therapeutic solution. Other potential applications include gastrointestinal diseases, ocular, and diabetes.


Will McLean, Co-Founder & CSO

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ImStem Biotechnology logo

ImStem Biotechnology

Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (T-MSC™) for treatment of autoimmune disease

ImStem Biotechnology, Inc. (abbreviated ImStem), is a biotech company, incorporated and operating in Connecticut. ImStem is focusing on developing off-shelf cell therapeutic product derived from human pluripotent stem cells for tissue repair, cancer and autoimmune diseases treatment. With $1.13 million support from Connecticut Regenerative Medicine Research Fund, our first product IMS001 targeting multiple sclerosis has passed pre-IND meeting phase with FDA, an IND filing is anticipated for 2017. 


Xiaofang Wang, VP/CTO

Michael Men, President/CEO

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InnovationCooperative 3D logo

InnovationCooperative 3D

IC3D has a platform for Measured Liquid Dispensing (metered dosing in an airless fluid dispenser for flexible packaging) that can be sold in most categories of liquid dispensing ($100B market).

InnovationCooperative3D (IC3D) was formed to leverage our collective strategic, creative and technical know-how and global relationships in package design, development, and flexible film manufacturing.

IC3D’s - 1TOUCH Measured Dispenser is the future of dispensing. 1TOUCH can dispense wide range of liquids and gels. It has superior performance, marketplace disruption and is brand-owner desired.

IC3D has 1 Utility patent issued and 2 patent pending and plans to continue investing in IP to expand the 1TOUCH measured technology’s reach. 


Roger LaFlamme, Co-Founder and CEO

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LambdaVision Incorporated (LVI) logo

LambdaVision Incorporated (LVI)

Retinal implant for the blind

LambdaVision, Inc. (LVI) is developing a high-resolution, protein-based retinal implant to restore vision to the millions of patients blinded by retinal degenerative diseases, including retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The patent-protected retinal implant technology developed by LambdaVision uses the light-activated protein, bacteriorhodopsin, to replace the function of the damaged photoreceptor cells. The flexible, subretinal implant is powered by incident light and does not require any external power supplies or bulky hardware on or outside the eye, and offers the potential for far greater resolution than competing electrode-based technologies. LambdaVision is currently at the pre-seed stage, but is looking for seed money to support further preclinical development.


Nicole Wagner, President and CEO

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Lincus logo


Finding an expert shouldn't require you to be one.

In the US alone there are hundreds of thousands of faculty doing research on everything from jellyfish to jet propulsion. But finding a leading expert, even within a single university, can be a painstaking experience.

Enter Lincus.

Whether you're an undergrad looking for a leading research lab for grad school, a VC firm needing to connect with a key opinion leader for due diligence, a journalist looking for your next expert quote, a faculty member looking for a collaborator, or just a normal human trying to find a leading medical specialist, we've got you covered. Just type a keyword and get leading research experts.



Alec Marcus
Brandon Cheng
Dan Schwartz
Olivia Crosby

Contact through website:

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Lipid Genomics logo

Lipid Genomics

Novel diagnostics and therapeutics for people with genetic cholesterol disorders at risk for heart disease

Lipid Genomics is developing its FDA-approved investigational drug targeted at people with variations in the HDL ("good cholesterol") SCARB1 gene. More than 117 million people in the US could benefit from this drug. Lipid Genomics has a potential to generate a very sizeable profit as the market size for this therapeutic is $2.8 billion and for their second product, a novel immune checkpoint inhibitor, lymphocyte activation gene-3 (LAG-3) the market size is $1.4 billion.


Annabelle Rodriguez-Oquendo, Ph.D./ Founder

Mr. Gerard C. Smith, CEO

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MediSynergics logo


Drug discovery process

MediSynergics, LLC is an early-stage pharmaceutical research company that is working on the discovery of new treatments for patients with inadequate or unmet medical needs.  The primary mission of the company to discover new chemical entities (NCE’s) for the treatment of human diseases.   The company has discovered several “hits” in the central nervous system CNS), infectious diseases (ID) and cancer therapeutics areas and have filed provisional and non-provisional patent applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Most importantly MediSynergics was awarded a two-year grant ($600K) by the NIAID division of the National Institutes for Health to fund their antiparasitic project.


Dennis Godek, Co-Founder

Harry Howard, Co-Founder

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Mitotherapeutix logo


Development of agonists and antagonists of MCJ, molecule for mitochondria respiration

Mitotherapeutix aims to develop novel therapeutics based on new discoveries in the control of cellular metabolism particularly in key mitochondria regulators. One of the targets that Mitotherapeutix is currently pursuing is MCJ, a key regulator of mitochondria respiration. Mitotherapeutix is actively working in the development of agonists for this molecule to overcome chemo-resistance in breast cancer and many other cancers that demonstrate a poor response to chemotherapy. In parallel, Mitotherapeutix has developed antagonists of MCJ to accelerate mitochondrial metabolism as a strategy to target liver diseases such NAFLD, NASH and cirrhosis. Both cancer chemo-resistance and liver diseases represent enormous unmet medical needs that desperately need solutions.


Bob Hennessey, CEO

Bob Hemley, COO 

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Mobile Sense Technologies logo

Mobile Sense Technologies

Mobile sensors to detect heart irregularities

Mobile Sense is building foundational technology enabling off-the-chest wearables for long term management of cardiac arrhythmias. We are replacing today’s invasive and inconvenient cardiac monitoring technology—cables & patches everywhere!— with a simple, easy to use & clinically-proven armband. Our device is non-adhesive, wireless, waterproof and provides hassle-free clinical monitoring 24/7, 365 days/yr. Neither surgery nor wires are needed to continuously detect and report dangerous arrhythmias to the doctor. Major device manufacturers are embedding our technology.


Justin Chickles, CEO

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Oral Fluid Dynamics logo

Oral Fluid Dynamics

Dental implant medical device to treat chronic dry mouth

Oral Fluid Dynamics, LLC is currently developing a type of dental implant medical device to treat Xerostomia, a medical condition characterized by chronic dry mouth. Xerostomia affects an estimated 20 million patients in the USA either due to side effects of prescription drugs, radiation therapy or Sjögren’s Syndrome. There are 4 million Sjögren’s patients in the US and this population is the initial focus of our efforts.


J. Robert Kelly, Managing Partner, CEO

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Oscilloscape logo


Oscilloscape is developing technologies and software for analyzing audio and other time-based signals, including music and speech. Oscilloscape's patented technology enables nonlinear signal processing to be effectively and efficiently implemented in hardware and software. Our novel technology is based on research in auditory neuroscience, enabling signal processing, pattern analysis, and learning using neural networks that resonate to acoustic signals. Our technology will power the next generation of interactive audio applications. 


Edward Large | Founder and CEO

Ji Chul Kim | CSO

Jon Forsyth | CTO

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Potentiometric Probes, LLC logo

Potentiometric Probes, LLC

Potentiometric Probes LLC

Dyes that are both fast and sensitive for high-throughput screening of potential therapeutic targets.  The dyes use a novel VSD system where energy transfer is more efficient, resulting in faster, more sensitive, and less toxic dyes.

Potentiometric Probes develops and supplies voltage-sensitive dyes for academic and pharmaceutical industry researchers. These fluorescent dyes are used to stain cells, tissues, and whole organs and allow electrical activity of the brain and heart to be studied optically using microscopes. Voltage-sensitive dyes are used in basic research, as well as for drug discovery and cardiac safety screening of developmental drugs. Potentiometric Probes is developing new voltage-sensitive dye technology that promises to have rapid response as well as high sensitivity for the highest resolution and most informative optical voltage recordings possible.



Leslie Loew, PhD., Founding Member, UConn Professor

Corey Acker, PhD., Founding Member. UConn Assistant Professor

Ping Yan, PhD., Founding Member, UConn Assistant Professor

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QCDx logo


QCDx is creating novel diagnostics for personalized and early cancer detection based on a standard blood sample.

Every nucleated cell is analyzed and characterized to detect circulating tumor cells via multiple biomarkers selected based on the patient’s clinical history. QCDx provides the oncologist with quantitative, actionable information on treatment efficacy, development of resistance, recurrence monitoring and metastasis characterization. This will offer the patient an optimized therapeutic intervention to restrict and potentially halt tumor growth. QCDx proprietary, high resolution, fluorescence microscopy analyzes millions of cells fixed or ex vivo. Operation is fully automated using advanced image analysis and artificial intelligence. Clinical trial of the first QCDx test for breast cancer is scheduled to start in 3Q of 2018.


Contact: Triantafyllos (Fyl) Tafas PhD, CEO

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Quercus Molecular Design, LLC logo

Quercus Molecular Design, LLC

Provides services to lower barriers to commercialization of academic discoveries in drug design.

Quercus Molecular Design (QMD) is a UConn-based startup specializing in the rational design of small molecules that simultaneously inhibit multiple essential protein targets to enhance potency and slow the onset of drug resistance. QMD is applying this novel multi-targeting strategy to several drug discovery projects serving anti-cancer, anti-bacteria and anti-viral indications.


Dennis Wright, PhD., Director of Chemistry,

Sandra Weller, PhD., Director of Biology,

Bradford Weller, JD., CEO & General Counsel,

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Rallybio logo


Rallybio is a privately-held early-stage biotechnology company incorporated in January 2018 and based in Farmington, Connecticut.

Our ambition is to create a world-leading biotechnology organization that transforms the lives of patients with devastating disease built around people with an outstanding track record in pharmaceutical research and development.

We are currently rallying together a small team of high-powered mentally agile team members to search for and evaluate assets using a series of robust clinical and commercial filters that will allow us to identify and acquire a portfolio of high-quality small molecule and protein-based assets in the late discovery to early clinical stages of drug development.

We are also raising capital from first class investors to support our operating costs and future development expenses and anticipate closing on our first round of financing in April 2018.


Leadership Team / Contacts:

Dr Martin Mackay

Dr Stephen Uden

Jeffrey Fryer CPA


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Sheen Health logo

Sheen Health

Sheen Health’s cloud-based solution provides real-time benefits and patient out-of-pocket responsibility information to ambulatory medical practices. 

Practices across the nation are using this solution to reduce administrative cost and increase patient revenue. Patients appreciate knowing the cost of care, and their benefits coverage, before getting care.

Aneesh Kumar, Founder and CEO 
Samir Bhatt, Head of Business Development and Partner Integration 
Phillip Thomas, Strategic Sales Advisor


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Shoreline Biome logo

Shoreline Biome

DNA sequencing assay to identify constituents of the microbiome of species from complex samples

Shoreline Biome has created discovery tools that are advancing the leading edge of understanding how the human microbiome functions across the entire landscape of human health and disease.  The initial products from Shoreline Biome, developed in collaboration with George Weinstock at the Jackson Lab for Genomic Medicine, are the first DNA sequencing assays to comprehensively, rapidly, and inexpensively identify all members of the microbiome down to the subspecies or strain level.  These results are achieved through our superior cell breaking technology and rational product design. Our companion analysis software enables straightforward identification and quantitation of all of the bacteria in microbiome samples.  


Thomas Jarvie, Co-Founder & CEO

Mark Driscoll, Co-Founder & CTO

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Simvize LLC logo

Simvize LLC

Developing a swift and affordable rheometer, a device to measure viscosity, for various industrial and medical applications.

Contact: Konstyantyn Partola, Founder

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Solution Spray Technologies logo

Solution Spray Technologies

Commercializes new plasma spray technologies

Solution Spray Technologies was founded through the collaboration of UConn faculty members Professors Eric Jordan and Maurice Gell with another TIP Company. The company has an exclusive license to innovative UConn solution precursor plasma spray technology (SPPS) that leverages two decades of R&D at UConn. SPPS technology provides high-value coatings solutions to address several major industrial problems and challenges. The size of the global thermal spray coating market was estimated at 7.41 billion in 2014.


Balakrishnan Nair, President


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Thetis Pharmaceuticals LLC logo

Thetis Pharmaceuticals LLC

Drug for liver disease

Thetis Pharmaceuticals LLC is a biopharmaceutical company that is developing novel drugs for treatment of inflammation-related gastrointestinal (GI) diseases with high unmet medical needs. 

Our lead candidate, TP-252, is rapidly advancing through pre-clinical evaluations in order to file an Investigational New Drug (IND) application with FDA in early 2018 to begin clinical studies soon afterward.

Our goal is to partner to license or sell TP-252 to a larger pharmaceutical company to bring the product to market, with a target market approval date of 2023.


Gary Mathias, CEO 
Aaron Mathias, Director of Business Development 

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Torigen Pharmaceuticals Inc. logo

Torigen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Provides veterinary cancer care solutions for companion animals

Torigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on providing veterinary cancer solutions for companion animals.  Their product, VetiVax(TM) is a novel, personalized immunotherapy that uses the animals’ own tumor cells to fight cancer.   When combined with an innovative bulking agent, MIMTM (Matrix Immune Modulator) an overall reduction in tumor size and inhibition of metastasis have been noted.   Torigen’s treatment can work for multiple tumor indications treating over 2,000,000 companion animals diagnosed with cancer each year.  After completing an initial Phase I safety trial, VetiVax(TM) has been proven safe and veterinarians believe that this product could truly disrupt the market while helping animals with cancer.


Ashley Kalinauskas, CEO

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TryCycle logo


Predictive Health Technology System for Clinician Monitoring of Addiction/Substance Abuse/PTSD/Mental Health

TryCycle is bi-directional software system, designed to reduce the burden on health resources who treat and manage patients with behavioral and mental health disorders.  A technology-based ‘early warning system’, TryCycle learns human behavior patterns in real time and helps to provide predictive data insights, between visits with patients. New, otherwise unavailable data streams, enable Clinicians to monitor changes in behavior, mood, and activity level of their entire patient load, and intervene with clients who are most at risk.

TryCycle is not a do-it-yourself app for patients seeking self-help, motivation or access to resources. Instead, TryCycle focuses on the practitioner, providing a holistic, evidence-based approach to relapse prevention.

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Vanessa Research, Inc. logo

Vanessa Research, Inc.

Vanessa Research is a biomedical company committed to making an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked.

At Vanessa Research, we develop innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for our patients and customers. We are committed to making an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked for being rare, or less profitable. By addressing these unmet market needs, we can accomplish our mission to give hope where none existed.


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YouCOMM logo


The YouCOMM Bed M8 is a novel low-cost tablet based communication device to provide effective patient-caregiver communication. 

Current nurse call bell systems exhibit several drawbacks. The YouCOMM Bed M8 is a novel low-cost tablet based communication device to provide effective patient-caregiver communication. The device has 20 need buttons that allow patients to send specific needs to a nurse’s on-call phone. Custom messages are supported. The system can be controlled via touch, voice recognition or head gestures making it convenient to use by motor impaired patients. YouCOMM strives to improve healthcare communication by providing a system which lets patients communicate hands-free, allows nurses to provide efficient care via need prioritization and enables administrators see obtain favorable HCAHPS scores & reimbursement.

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