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In addition to its state-of-the-art facilities, a key benefit of the Incubation Program is its ability to connect incubator companies with University faculty and students. As part of its program, the Incubation Program advertises to suitable students and helps recruit them to work as fellows, part-time employees or interns.

2020 UConn TIP Innovation Fellows Program

Pairs students with UConn technology startup companies for mentored research internships in Business or STEM.  Companies are located on-campus in Storrs and at UConn Health, Farmington.

Applications for the 2020 Summer Program are being accepted until Friday March 13

For Students: Applications Closed

For TIP Companies: Applications Closed

Events Calendar: Coming soon!

UConn Partners of the TIP Fellows Program

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What is a University startup company?

A UConn TIP startup company helps a discovery or innovation become the next new product or therapy.  There are more than 35 UConn TIP startup companies in UConn's Technology Incubation Program (TIP).  These companies are developing and commercializing new technologies in areas like diagnostics, digital health, medical devices, software, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and more. View all TIP companies.

Fellows 2017

What kind of research does a UConn-TIP fellow do?
UConn-TIP fellows participate in mentored research with their host TIP company. The research could be in STEM or Business areas such as:

What have previous students said about their experience?

   “couldn’t have asked for a better mentor”
​   “great learning experience to see real world applications of theory learned in the classroom”
   “the presentation definitely helped me to organize and think critically about my results"
   “wonderful experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity”   

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Program Contact:
Dr. Caroline Dealy
Founder and Director, UConn-TIP Innovation Fellows Program 

2013 UConn-TIP Fellow Sarah Gilbert


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