Office of the Vice President for Research

connect with scientists and the research conducted here at uconn

The University of Connecticut is one of the top 25 national public research universities in the nation. UConn offers distinct value to industry with the increased volume of commercially viable innovation being generated as UConn transforms itself through massive state investment in research facilities and faculty in STEM fields.  UConn offers expansive innovation and entrepreneurship capacity developed in response to state and national needs, and is well positioned to help your business start, compete and grow.

Working with Faculty

lab-imagesmallerUConn researchers are global leaders in many fields of science and technology.  As a source of innovation they are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise through interactions with industry.  Our faculty recognizes that firms in all sectors need to continuously innovate in order to address their need for new products and solutions that will allow them to compete in the global economy.

UConn can be a key research and development partner to industry and provides multiple partnership options.  Industry and faculty can work together through:

Contracts, nondisclosure agreements and material transfer agreements may be necessary to solidify such arrangements.

Contact Technology Commercialization Services (TCS) to learn more about how you can work with UConn faculty: Greg Gallo, Director, Technology Transfer.